1.  You will make friends. You will meet people, get to know them and maybe even start to love them. At the very least, you will have a fun night out with new acquaintances. You will miss those people dearly when you’re back home.

2. You will find a way to entertain yourself. You will learn that you don’t have to be with someone, to enjoy life. You will start to see the freedom in being all on your own

3. You will have doubts. You will probably even cry a little, because you feel so alone. You will feel even better in the morning and realize it’s not so bad after all and be proud of yourself for still seizing each day you’ve got left.

4. You will start worrying if you’ll ever be able to travel with someone else again. You will have to be making compromises, maybe do and see things you don’t really enjoy. You will have to make up excuses for not feeling like going out even tho you’ve only got two more days left here. 

5. You will always hold special memories with the first time you explored a new place all by yourself and yearn to go back. You will worry that if you take someone with you, it’ll not be the same. 

6. You will feel accomplished and very, very proud of yourself.