For the Armenian Choirs the year 2015 was very special, because they had different types of concerts in many countries of the world concerning the 100 anniversary of the armenian genocide, as well as within different festivals and events.

It is mainly important to mention the concert of „Hover“ wich took place in Carnegin Hall in New York in May 2015 where for the first time ranged the world premier of the work of Kshishtof Penderecky which was devoted to the 100 anniversary of Armenian Genocide. Evgeniy kisine also had his participation in that concert which was his second solo concert in Armenia. It was another brilliant performance of „Hover“ handled by the art director and conductor Sona Hovhannisyan, and before that the choir had different kind of concerts in Italy, France Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Russian Federation and many other countries. “Hover“ choir participated in many contest­festivals such as  „Teatro Del Verme“, “Cite de la musigue“, “Le Quartz“ and in all places were fully appreciated by the audience. Recently „Hover“ choir had a concert in Sion ,Switzerland within the anicent music festival.

The Choir is known by its high professionalism and is one of the first enterprising performer of the creations of Armenian and of foreign composers.In Sona Hochannisyan opinion the Choral arts is in its perio of prosperity in Armenia,except the three state choirs ,“The chamber Choir of yerevan „,“The Armenian State Chamber choir“ and „hover“ there are also many other choirs,which talle active steps.We have also many brilliant conductors who work too generation witch will join the team of the state choirs in the future.

The Yerevan Chamber choir directed by harutyun Topicyan it was symbolic tour involving 100 concerts by the title „Luys i luso“ in the countris where ather armenian genocide the armenians had been outspreaded.Whithin the music project was invided the religious music of 5­19 centuries,of Mesrop Mashtots, Nerses Shnorhali, Mkhitar Airivanetsi, Grigor Pahlavuni, Makar Ekmalian, Komitas as well as the new and original jazz songs by tigran Hamasyan.

What about armenian concerts they took place in the anicent churches of Armenia, where had never sounded such kind of chants and carols before. Commonly the Choral arts in Armenia established in the end of ISentury which was an anprecedented phenomenon in Armenian reality.The main reason was that the polyphony was not so popular in the Armenian nationalmusic becouse the armenian nation had been monody thinker since its creation.It seemed to be that it was impossible to convince singing polyphony but Christopore Kara_Murza managed to do it. He was the one who inculcated the polifony in the armenian music and more over it became vital.But today we are courage enough to cultivate our 5th century chants based on the jazz motives for the professional choirs is a great achievement not only the young pianist Tigran Hamasyan, but for the whole Armenian nation. Certainly the crisism and complaints were too much from the part of conservative field but everything new is refined and installed in this way. By its professional and extraordinary staff the “Geghard“ choir group is known which artistic director is Mher Navoyan.

Fotos: Anna Arzumanyan

It‘s been over a year that I have been also singing here. For me and for the other members of the group the choir is not a job for us. in somehow it becomes our lifestyle and it has its special place in our life.we are having many tours that are full of new impressions, meetings, pleasant and interesting moments .That spiritual food that we get together with the group while singing spiritual ant national songs give us a great satisfaction,and each meeting,each rehearsal is eararly awaited for us. Our rehearsels always pass in a very warm and friendly atmosphere under the direction of our „strich and demandind“ director.Of course it is too difficoult for me to describe the whole feelings and impressions theat I hadf and having while singing in „Geghard“choir,but I can say for seers it is such kind of living reguirement for me with the Another great music project was made by the jazz pianist tigran Hamasyan and feeling of harmony and integrity. This year we had concert tours in different conties of Germany in Stuttgard ,Hanau Berlin as well as in uppsala and stockholm ,sweden.We had also concert tours in austria where we had concerts in entirely in churches singing armenian spiritual and secular songs refinment. It was unforgettable feeling for us on aprile 26 in Berlin Cathedral during the Religious rituals devoted to 100 anniversary of Armenian Genocide, to our performance followed the speech of the President of Germany.It was an appeal to world to recognize that latenly our group had been participated in two festivals in poland „Music in old Cracow“ and „Musica sacra“ and were fully appreciated by the audience.

Among the armenian choirs „Little Singers of Armenia“has its importamt place directed by Tigran Heqeqian. During many festivals and competitioms this choir kept highly the honour of Armenia.They were an honourable guests in Geeece,thessaloniki and were singing the following headlined compositions „For Love, Life Peace,solidarity,and Freedom on the Planet“devoted to the 5th childish choir festival.This year it was devoted to 100 Anniversary of armenian genocide. there were performed the Armenian and foreign composers compositions.  Amond the armenian composers were included Komitas,Davit Haladjian,Stepan Shaqarian,Ervand Erkanian.The performance of the „Little Singers of Armenia „ choir and the work of maestro Tigran Heqeqian was fully appreciated by hte Greece artists, and  andience.

The choir Arts has its important role in human lide and soul.It is entirely the model of harmonic unity for all nations.